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Arizona Workers Compensation

We are here to assist you with the challenge of finding proper protection for your business and employees. 

Below we have compiled information on Arizona workmans compensation insurance and employee leasing along with news and resources to help you better understand the requirements. You will find requirements, forms, statues and professional assistance regarding Arizona's workers comp insurance. 

We can help you build a coverage program that fits your business' particular needs. Fill out the online quote form or call today, and one of our friendly experts will walk you through the requirements and provide you with a free quote. 

As a sole proprietor, you have the option to forego coverage if you have no employees. If you have any employees you must obtain workers' comp coverage for them. If your business is a corporation, Arizona Corporation Commision only considers you eligible to be a sole proprietor if you maintain a good standing with them. Any corporation must cover it's employees (including shareholders who participate in the running of the business) with workers' compensation coverage.

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