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Learn About Workers Compensation in Your State


It can be difficult to understand the requirements for a workmans' comp policy let alone actually find one that works for your business and budget.

It is essential as a business owner that you carry enough coverage to protect your business from potential disaster. It would only take one accident to ruin everything you've worked so hard to build, but a proper insurance package can protect you in such a scenario. Below we've compiled some information on Idaho state regulations to get you started. One of the professionals in our office can walk you through those laws and also review your business' potential exposures and client's contract requirements. Once we have this information, we can begin searching insurance companies across the nation to present you with a policy that is a perfect fit for you.

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Any Idaho business with one or more employees must carry workers' compensation coverage regardless of whether the employees are temporary, full-time or part-time. The employer may not deduct any workers' compensation premiums from their employees wages, and coverage must be in place before the employee begins work. 

Information for State Workers Compensation Insurance