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New Jersey

Most business owners understand that they need to protect their investment with some kind of insurance coverage, but it can be complicated to sort through state regulations let alone understand what coverage would be most beneficial and cost effective.

Our office is experienced in guiding clients through these exact issues. We can help you understand the requirements of the state of New Jersey, the requirements of your clients and which plans and coverages are most important for you to hold. 

Speak to one of the experts in our office to begin building a plan custom made for your business. We understand that no two business are alike, so we know you need an insurance plan that will reflect your specific needs. 

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All New Jersey employers must provide workers' compensation insurance unless they are covered under Federal programs or if they are approved to be self-insured. Companies based out of state may be required to provide New Jersey workers' comp if they have operations or contracts in New Jersey. For those interested in self-insurance, approval is based on the employer's financial ability to meet legal obligations and the permanence of the company. 
Corporations in New Jersey must provide workers' compensation coverage if one or more persons, including corporate officers, are paid for the work they perform for the company. Partnerships, LLC's and sole proprietorships must provide coverage for any employees they have, but they may exclude partners, members of the LLC or the principal owner of the sole proprietorship.

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