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Texas is the only state that doesn't have any requirements for workers' compensation coverage, which is both a blessing and a curse. By opting not to secure proper insurance coverage, you leave your business at great risk. If any injury happens to an employee on the job, who is going to cover medical expenses, loss of wages and legal costs? These costs can be crippling to any business. 

Luckily, without state mandated coverage, you have options other than workers' comp. Occupational accident is an affordable alternative that can offer comparable coverage if you select the right plan. We can build you a plan that includes loss of wages, injury, death benefits and legal expenses. If your employees ever operate in a state that requires workmans' compensation insurance, we can include a coverage that will satisfy those requirements without purchasing an additional policy.  

If you are ready to protect your business from the worst case scenario, we can help you figure out what you need to move forward. Our experts in workers' compensation and occupational accident are standing by ready to help you through the process. We have access to national carriers and can offer you many options to satisfy the needs of your business. 

You can have great insurance coverage for less premium.

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Most businesses in Texas have the option to choose whether or not to obtain workers' compensation insurance. Governmental entities and their construction contracts are required to carry coverage.

Your business may have contractual obligations with customers that require you to provide coverage even though it is not required by Texas law. 

If a business chooses to forego coverage, it will be considered a "non-subscriber" and must file with the Texas Division as such. They also must notify their employees by posting a written notice in English, Spanish and any other applicable languages where it is visible to employees.The wording and format is detailed in TDI-DWC (Notice-5). It is important to post this correctly because an employer is liable for an incorrect postings. If the business becomes a "subscriber", they must post a notice as well.

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