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When you are running a business, there is no way to anticipate or control many of the unforeseen circumstances that arise. If an accident occurs and you don't have proper workers' comp coverage, paying for the losses could easily cripple your business. Proper insurance coverage will protect your business and give you peace of mind. 

We have access to major insurance carriers across the country and can put together an insurance package that meets the needs specific to your business at an affordable price. We will take the time to understand your business' needs and put together the best possible options for you. 

Below you will find an outline of the basics of workers' comp insurance guidelines in Utah. Look those over, or simply call our office. Our experts will be glad to guide you through the process of understanding your state's regulations and set up an insurance plan that is right for you.

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All employers in the state of Utah are required to provide workers' compensation coverage.

Information for State Workers Compensation Insurance